Get to know us a little better

Martínez Inmobiliaria is a company from Alicante, people with a Mediterranean soul and authentic passion for the landscapes of the Costa Blanca.

We know what it is like to live in this area, bordering the waters of the Mediterranean.

And we want the buyers of your home to feel it, we will transmit the calm that defines these waters and the luxury of living in a house like yours.

We know every corner of these streets, so if you want to find your home on the Mediterranean coast, we will not only find the house of your dreams, but we will be happy to show you the best places in this land.

We are not home sellers, we are passionate about homes.

We like to discover new corners within “La Terreta” to find the most exclusive properties for you.

We want you to enjoy waking up every morning with sea views, to enjoy these beaches and discover the crystal clear waters that bathe the Costa Blanca.

But if you’re thinking of selling, we know all too well that it can be a complicated process.

That’s why we want to accompany you from the moment you decide you are ready to sell your property, until you find the best person to enjoy your home.

We will transmit you what it is like to live in this area, we want you to fall in love with every street, every beach…

But above all, let him discover that your house is his perfect home to create unforgettable moments.

Did you know that…

We are the 1st company in the Valencian Community to be “family responsible” along with Microsoft Ibérica.

And what does this mean?

That we care about our equipment and that among other things…

  • We promote that everyone in the company should have the same opportunities and that there is no room for discrimination.
  • We believe that training is the key to finding the best opportunity for you.
  • We offer flexible schedules to our employees, so they can enjoy family time. (We care about your family, that's why we want to find the best home for yours).

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